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I just turned off all payments to livejournal on all three journals. I will not give them another penny until they prove they are offering me the product I thought I was buying here. I sent an email to expressing my anger, and saying that I would cease to pay for livejournal anymore unless they back the hell up. I'm thinking about calling them tomorrow to tell them I will no longer be a paying ljer until they reconsider their actions in deleting comms, and ljs because some lunatics screeched about pedophilia and wildly pointed the finger at women writing fics and drawing pictures and a few discussing literature.

Warriors for Innocence are the worst sort of zealots. They appear to be as dumb as posts, but large with the enthusiasm. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, so trite -- but so true in this case.

[ profile] liz_marcs has several great posts about this whole crapfest. She actually emailed with "Sues" at WFI. Sues thinks she is a "monster hunter." I swear all that is missing is a reference to doing "God's work." Her friend "Violet" said the people who started posting complaints on their blog were all pedophiles. So we are all of us pedophiles. I feel like we should all stand up and say we are pedophiles, except they wouldn't understand at all.

I'm curious to see where this goes. A black out/journal deletion? Peppering Six Apart with phone calls. Though I think a financial hit will speak the loudest.

Damn, I wish I hadn't deleted my "blacklisted for the motherfucking" icon from the [ profile] fandom_scruples days.


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