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Hello! I am not dead. I'm not even mostly dead. And for the first time in years I am feeling oddly fannish. I've been writing fic, but it's all Hawaii Five O slash fic. I'm feeling increasingly uncomfortable being fannish at [ profile] imaginarycircus and am thinking about moving that aspect of my online self back over here. Will that be weird if I start posting over here again? You can all feel free to flee. That's always an option and I won't mind at all.

I'm also very excited about The Hobbit--given the vlog Peter Jackson posted yesterday!

Does anyone remember an Inigo/Fezzik ficlet I wrote a million years ago? I can't find it. I think it was a comment fic. It could be anywhere...


Jul. 4th, 2008 12:18 pm
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I threw my hat in at [ profile] livelongnmarry and have offered to write either original fiction or fanfic for the auction.

I know I stopped writing fanfic several years ago, and I don't talk over here much anymore. But while I was gone I did complete an MFA in writing and I've just finished writing the first novel in a YA Fantasy series. So my writing skills are as sharp as they every where (insert joke here)--only my fanfic skills are rusty! :D

*not dead*

Jun. 30th, 2008 09:31 pm
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I have been updating the initial [ profile] innocence_jihad post I made last night when I find new links or info.

[ profile] fandom_flies is looking to start a new LJ type blogging site. And [ profile] twocorpses has already built a website using LJs code and is ready to begin beta testing.

My favorite new bit of info?

[ profile] stormcloude's LJ Abuse response which I think is an answer to why they TOSsed ponderosa121 - SRSLY?! LJ ABUSE now TOSses people because they just don't like the artwork.
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This fic was reported (by me) to LJ Abuse and here is their response:

Dear user,

The material in question does not violate our policies on acceptable content.

LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Description: 16 year old Harry Potter has a problem and Snape lends a hand.
Note: Title taken from Kierkegaard's work by the same title. Thanks to beccafran for the beta.

Fear and Trembling )
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With Book 7, Deathly Hallows, about to land 784 pages us I wanted a place to talk about it, and I thought maybe some other people do too? I read books 4, 5, and 6 with fandom as they were published and each time I was a little sad I wasn't sitting in a room reading with [ profile] praetorianguard or [ profile] unanon or the rest of you. So I created a virtual porch for us all to hang out on.

Come join [ profile] discuss_book7!!

Membership is moderated so that the replies don't need to be. Come chat about the book here before the release. The chapter discussions will open when the books go on sale.

If this works the way I hope - readers can use it to chat with other readers while we're all still reading and without spoiling each other.

Please share the link?! The more the merrier!
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Finding links for this whole mess has been a headache (like herding cats) so I started bookmarking in this morning. Link at bottom.


So I don't know what the hell to make of this strange announcement about a deleted journal of an "out" pedophile which I found on a site about pedophilia. (found via [ profile] fandom_wank) while compiling links for this. I mean he is probably harmless. I wonder how long he'll last. And if he knows his kink and his wife is cool with it it is none of my damn business. But still. O_o His new journal is here. Old one was TOSsed.

Look, I'm not making any judgments here. Just that these WFI idiots were going after pedophiles and we all got caught in their stupid crosshares -- and dudes like the one above will just go one their merry way without so much as breaking their stride. Or so it seems to me at 3am on five hours sleep sometime Wednesday morning. It kind of made my jaw drop. Not because I want him to do anything ro go anywhere. If he isn't going after real kids he can imagine whatever he wants. Right?

120+ links from all over about strikethough2007 inlcuding multiple sites to back up your lj, alternative blog sites, lists of people leaving lj and arriving at GJ. All in one place.
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I just turned off all payments to livejournal on all three journals. I will not give them another penny until they prove they are offering me the product I thought I was buying here. I sent an email to expressing my anger, and saying that I would cease to pay for livejournal anymore unless they back the hell up. I'm thinking about calling them tomorrow to tell them I will no longer be a paying ljer until they reconsider their actions in deleting comms, and ljs because some lunatics screeched about pedophilia and wildly pointed the finger at women writing fics and drawing pictures and a few discussing literature.

Warriors for Innocence are the worst sort of zealots. They appear to be as dumb as posts, but large with the enthusiasm. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, so trite -- but so true in this case.

[ profile] liz_marcs has several great posts about this whole crapfest. She actually emailed with "Sues" at WFI. Sues thinks she is a "monster hunter." I swear all that is missing is a reference to doing "God's work." Her friend "Violet" said the people who started posting complaints on their blog were all pedophiles. So we are all of us pedophiles. I feel like we should all stand up and say we are pedophiles, except they wouldn't understand at all.

I'm curious to see where this goes. A black out/journal deletion? Peppering Six Apart with phone calls. Though I think a financial hit will speak the loudest.

Damn, I wish I hadn't deleted my "blacklisted for the motherfucking" icon from the [ profile] fandom_scruples days.
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I guess this journal is the leg they had to cut off when was I shot at Antietam. (What is with my random Civil War references? Jeez.) Instead of burning it, which would be sane and sanitary I keep coming back here and trying to strap it back on. It doesn't quite fit anymore either. Dang it. But I miss it. *hobbles around*

I kind of fell out of fandom when I was planning my wedding in 2004 and even more so when I started grad school in 2005. I started posting regularly at [ profile] imaginarycircus. I think some people never got the message that I was posting over there for the last two years. I was. It was kind of spotty and boring at best. Lots of wibbling about homework and writing.

So now I have two journals (three including [ profile] steelcage_match, and there is a new match. Analog vs. Digital!)

I never really saw the point (for me!!) of having a rl journal and a fandom journal, and somehow that it what I accidentally ended up with. I certainly blathered on in [ profile] ari_o about personal stuff, real life stuff. I guess I just didn't see that much of a division between my fandom identity and my real life identity. Now I sort of do because I don't really have a fandom identity anymore. All the recent posts about Phoenix Rising made me so angsty and full of longing. I wish I could have gone. But I was busy freezing my ass off and wearing itchy graduation robes. There was a lot of champagne afterwards so it isn't like I suffered.

I started [ profile] imaginarycircus because I felt like I was changing so much I needed a new journal. I also thought it would be nice to have a journal I could share with family and friends. The things is I was never able to leave the anon posting option open because of trolls. And last summer's upset kind of killed any urge I had to interact with people online at all until a few months ago when I started creeping back. I'm like a freakin slime mold.

I can't figure out what to do with these two journals now. I am not willing to let go of either of them. I wish I could smush them together into one thing. But maybe that wouldn't be a good idea. Many RL people have the [ profile] imaginarycircus journal link and it is probably a good idea to have a journal I can bitch about stuff in that is at least somewhat removed. Maybe? I guess there is nothing wrong with filters and flock.

Anyone have any advice on what to do with multiple journals? Is it annoying if I post in two journals? Is it annoying only if I post exactly the same thing?

is back

May. 28th, 2007 06:35 pm
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[ profile] steelcage_match is also back. I need more absurdity in my life and I am feeling all friendly with the internet again. Good will, and puppies, and lap dances, and all that kind of thing.

So let the mild rumpus start. (yes, mild. I do not delude myself about the impact of a freakin lj poll.)

note: Estee Lauder scares the bejeezus out of me. I think she could take just about anyone so I had to up the ante with a being of pure compassion.
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So one of the lit agents I am working for is a superstar and the other one is new but cool, she is just starting to build her client list. She has a lot of industry experience as an editor, but she has only become an agent in the last year. I am unofficially on the lookout for writers of fiction and non-fiction with solid, completed book length manuscripts, and they must be writers of high quality. If you know anyone looking for an agent (and who has the attributes I specified in the previous sentence) please pass them along to me. I can't make any promises but if I think something is really good, I can ask her to take a look. Pass it along. circus at gmail
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pimp tax

How exactly do you file W-2s for your illegal employees?


Jun. 29th, 2006 02:19 pm
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Nothing to do with recent events. This is the state of my innards regarding a reunion event tomorrow evening that is the closest I'll ever get to a High School reunion.

I don't even know what journal to update anymore. )
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Do I need to make a sticky post at the top of my lj that says don't bother trolling me? Because when you do I'll just laugh at you. If you are new around here, new to any of this maybe you should get the lay of the land before you go sticking your nose in where it is certain to get punched.

And especially don't troll me/comment if you

a)didn't understand the situation or read all the wank completely
b)didn't notice that I'd already posted all over it. Knew about it. etc.

Also if you read something at [ profile] bad_penny or [ profile] fandom_wank it is considered bad form to come over to any of the journals or people listed and troll them, pillock. And it can get you banned from those communities.

ETA: you've been banned [ profile] exmiscellanea. I don't know what your problem is. And now I never will.

I've frozen the thread because I don't need a big dogpile in there. But I am thinking of this post as my version of a head on a pike.

I'm abusive? Hahahahahahahahahaha! The problem with leaping before you look is that sometimes you end up impaled. I should know.


Jun. 26th, 2006 01:09 pm
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Clean up on aisle six )

dear anon

Jun. 25th, 2006 08:11 pm
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Whoever you are anon? This was not me vicious. This has been me furious. And this is my journal and I will express myself however I damn well want to/need to.

Don't you dare lecture me. Especially as an anon. Especially when you are not involved and don't even know me.

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So tell me something or ask me something? Anything. Just make it have zero to do with all the ick of the last week.
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